Rudra Abhishek

Pandit for Rudra Abhishek Puja in ujjain

Lord Shiva has many names and Rudra is one of them. The puja is performed to please Lord Shiva who can fulfil all human desires. The negativity in us can be in the form of illness, mental trauma and sorrow. These negative situations can start changing into positive ones by submitting all our worries to Lord Shiva. This vedic puja can also help us in reaching at the threshold of inner peace and fulfilment. According to Kaivalya Upanishad, Rudra puja can eradicate all sins and is considered as a good medium for repentance.

This ritual is performed by pouring honey, milk, sugar, ghee, water, etc. on Shiv Ling. The chanting of Sanskrit Slokas purifies the atmosphere surrounding the puja place and brings in positive energy that can take one’s mental level to a different one.

The main objectives of this puja are:

1. To get rid of financial problems.
2. To get relief in health related challenges.
3. For maintaining peace and harmony in home and family.
4. To clear any hindrance in professional life.
5. To maintain the trust in married and love life.


After booking any puja package, the devotees will be asked to fill a form involving their personal details & the invoice number generated by the website.
Where a date is not mentioned, we process the puja request order and allot a suitable day and Muhurta (auspicious time) according to the birth details provided by the devotee.
Once booking is done, it cannot be cancelled but the puja date can be altered on request.
For online puja packages, the devotees will get their Prasad through courier / post.
Apart from booking puja packages online, the devotees can also join these rituals personally.