Chandal Dosh Puja

Chandal Dosh puja in ujjain

Chandal dosh is the combination of Jupiter and rahu or ketu in the natal chart. Chandal dosh is also known as guru chandal dosha because of Jupiter is also known as guru and has a major role in this dosha. This is mostly malefic to the native but beneficial in some cases when the ketu and Jupiter are in the benefic positions in the birth chart.

When Guru (Jupiter) conjuncts with any one of the shadow planets, i.e., Rahu or Ketu it creates the Guru-Chandal Dosh. Guru represents education, wisdom, wealth, happiness, luck, kids, self-confidence and knowledge in Vedic Astrology.

When Shadow planet conjoin the Guru and form the Guru Chandal Yoga produces the bad results like disturbed educational and financial life, insecurity in life, lack of concentration and the ability to take decisions. This yoga creates illusion in thinking and decisions become faulty or unfruitful. Because of this yoga person suffers a lot in his personal, social and professional life. The native born under this Yoga can’t able to lead a successful life.

A Chandal Dosh Nivaran Pooja is one of the remedies performed to pacify or lessen the effects of Chandal dosh. This Puja helps the person lead a better life. If your horoscope is afflicted with this dosh, we suggest you to get this puja done. This pooja is performed by learned pundits by chanting vedic mantras of the concerned planet to reduce the malefic effects of the planet, in front of the Agni (fire) that is lit in the Havan Kund (the sacrificial fire).

Jupiter female natives are very religious. They tend to become an ideal wife and mother. Male natives are very truthful and ethical. They help their wives and in-laws. They hate scolding and leave the place of conflicts.

Rahu female natives are fond of cleanliness. They love to spend on their high life style. They feel attracted towards men even after marriage. Male natives are selfish and sensual. They can flirt to every kind of women. They love travelling.

Ketu female natives are very independent and self-made. They lose their partner early either by divorce or becoming a widow. Male natives are religious and philosophical. They are not loyal to their partners. They get attracted towards divorcees or widows.